To build a good foundation for your child’s mental health, you need to stay on top of their emotional development early in their life. This is especially important since 70% of mental health issues start during a child’s early and adolescent years. However, it goes without saying that raising a child and securing their mental wellbeing is not an easy task. It’s not just about encouraging them to make friends and asking them how their day went. You also need to make sure that your child achieves holistic development and excels in other aspects of their life.

While you can directly steer your child’s mental growth in the right direction at home, what can you do when your child is at school and away from you? Below, we discuss how you can support your child’s mental health at school.

Enforce Healthy Study Habits

Putting unnecessary pressure on your child to do better in school is detrimental to their mental health. Of course, parents should instill good study habits if they want their children to succeed academically. This can be achieved by enforcing healthy habits that are both good for mental health and inspire them to excel in school. For example, encouraging your child to read not only sharpens their mind but also teaches them how to focus.

Some studies reveal that reading can even boost their cognitive abilities. Other healthy habits that can help your child succeed in school are: getting enough sleep, learning to prioritize school work, and identifying and eliminating distractions. Whatever you choose, know that punishing them for not getting good grades is highly ineffective. All it will achieve is make your child hate learning.

Ensure Their Educational FutureIis Secure

Eventually, your child will have to go to college, which is a huge financial undertaking that you must prepare for. Otherwise, you run the risk of jeopardizing your child’s future. In addition, studies show that children of financially stressed parents tend to be more prone to mental health problems and perform poorly in school. Thankfully, there are many paths to securing your child’s educational future. One way is to open an RESP or registered education savings plan.

This makes it easier to save up because the funds you place are exempt from income tax. In addition, the government matches a percentage of your contributions too, so your child’s college fund can potentially reap higher returns in the future. Another way to secure your child’s educational future is by opening a high-yield savings account. Because it gains compound interest, your savings will grow over time.

As we said, financial stress can affect both you and your child’s mental wellbeing. So no matter how young your kid is, it’s never too early to start securing their future.

Be More Involved In School Affairs

Want to learn about your child’s mental wellbeing at school firsthand? You can be more visible and active in school activities. By getting involved in various school programs, you show your child that you support and are interested in their educational life. This could even give them another source of motivation to excel.

Whether you choose to volunteer as a classroom helper or organize fundraising activities, participating in school activities allows you to get to know their teachers, too. On your part, it will give you peace of mind that your child is in good hands when they’re at school. Plus, being more present at school can help you spot serious problems such as bullying or loneliness, which may not be as obvious at home.

Last Words

Every parent wants to see their child grow up to become healthy and mentally resilient adults. If you’re worried about your child’s wellbeing in school, be sure to follow the advice we’ve outlined above.

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