Our children are our future, and it is up to the community to ensure that these children are kept safe in all kinds of environment. It is only with the collective effort of the community that these children can have a safe and compassionate upbringing.

The Canadian Safe School Network is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization that has vowed to reduce the increasing violence among youth to make the schools and local communities a safer place for everyone.

Started decades ago by a committee of representatives from law enforcement, education, and business background, the Canadian Safe School network has grown to provide guidelines and services to more than 5000 schools across the country.

Even with our expansion, our mission and vision have remained the same. Today, we are conducting more than 10 workshops to raise awareness among schools and local communities on a daily basis.

What Teachers Do to Build Trust With Students

What Can Teachers Do to Build Trust With Their Students?

The teacher-student relationship is one of the most important in a student's life. It can be a deciding factor in whether a student feels successful and happy in school or not. A trusting relationship between teacher and student is based on mutual respect and open communication. When trust is absent, the relationship quickly becomes strained and difficult. Ways to Build Trust With Students There are many things that teachers can do to build trust with their students. One of the most important is to be consistent. Be Consistent If you ...
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Top 5 Trust-Building Games for Kids and Teenagers

Top 5 Trust-Building Games for Kids and Teenagers

Trust-building is one of those activities mainly associated with corporate team building. However, classroom games on this list are also super-important as they can profoundly impact their development. Here are five trust-building games for kids and teenagers: #1 Trust Fall There is a good chance you've seen this trust exercise in a movie, TV show, or maybe experienced it in a corporate retreat. It is a classic trust exercise still used to build trust and confidence among adults, children, and teenagers. But, because it requires catching, it is not recommended ...
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Child CBD Oil

What to Learn Before Giving Your Child CBD Oil

Cannabis and CBD oil have been proven to provide a variety of medical benefits, most notably in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. In this recommended reading, It is also widely available in a variety of forms, ranging from solution to chewable sweets. Even so, numerous parents are concerned about the consequences of feeding their kids CBD during school. CBD will not get your children intoxicated. Likewise, many parents advocate the herb for its medicinal effects in treating disorders including ADHD, seizures, spasms, and other impairments in children. When consuming CBD ...
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Own School Spirit Shirts

Four Easy Steps in Making Your Own School Spirit Shirts

School spirit shirts are totally cool t shirt printing you can done for any occasion, whether they are at school or even in your community. These custom T-shirts will give everyone a sense of appreciation on you taking pride in your school. These school spirit shirts are most commonly worn during sporting events, school events, and even a simple hangout with your classmates. Why have spirit shirts in school? There are many benefits in having your own school spirit shirts. One, you can show everyone which school you are from ...
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