Resources for Parents

True education begins at home. A parent has to ensure that their young one is abiding by the laws and has not been a victim or charges with bullying activities. While the rebellious young one would probably want to punch his way through all the problems, it up to the parents to ensure that they impart the right values to him.

And while it can be frightening to deal with these issues, here are a few sources we have compiled for you that can help you out of tough times –

  • Learn about bullying
  • Know if your child is being bullied
  • Know if your child is a bully

Resources for Youth

Children often feel shy to discuss issues such as bullying with their parents or guardians. This puts them in the wrong path and they try to fight their way out of things unnecessarily. If not controlled at the right time, these practical jokes can often turn violent in no time.

The main reason for this is the lack of awareness of bullying and how to deal in such a situation. A witness to bullying is an accomplice to the perpetrator if they don’t do anything in such a situation.

Our resources help students to recognize such activities and impart them knowledge of what to do in a situation such as bullying.

Resources for Educators

Educational institutions are the places where 90% of the bullying cases are reported. With a plethora of students from various backgrounds coming to a single spot to study and learn, indifferences are bound to be present among some of them.

As an educator, it becomes your first and foremost responsibility to teach good values to your students and ensure that any differences are resolved at the as soon as possible. It is only with your guidance that these children are given a more inclusive environment, making them stop participating in any kind of bullying inside the institutional premises.