Vaping is a practice enjoyed by many adults, but like any other adult activity, it requires careful consideration when done around children. Below, we dive deeper into five important safety measures that every vaping adult should adhere to in the presence of kids.

For instance, ensuring that vaping devices are stored securely out of reach and educating children about the potential risks associated with vaping are crucial steps in creating a safe environment for families, a responsibility shared not only by individuals but also by retailers like Emixologies, who play a role in promoting awareness and responsible consumption.

Comprehensive Storage Safety

Proper storage of vaping devices and supplies is non-negotiable. Children are naturally curious, and their naivety about the potential dangers of vaping products could lead to accidents.

Therefore, always store your equipment in areas that are completely inaccessible to children. This could be high shelves or locked drawers that a child cannot open.

However, storage safety doesn’t stop at height or locks. It’s also about how you store these items. E-liquids should be kept in their original bottles, which are usually child-resistant, but if they’re not, consider transferring them to containers that are.

Furthermore, devices should be turned off if they have a power function, and all items, including the chargers, should be stored together in a dedicated case, out of sight and reach of children.

Set an Example Through Responsible Use

Children learn by observation, and they’re more likely to imitate the actions they see you perform. It’s advisable to avoid using vaping devices around them entirely. If you need to vape, do it in a private area away from their prying eyes.

This step is about more than just preventing direct exposure to vapor—it’s about setting a precedent.

By treating your vaping device like any other adult item that children shouldn’t handle, you’re teaching them boundaries and reinforcing the idea that vaping is an adult activity, not meant for kids.

hand holding a black vape device

Education and Open Dialogue

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to kids and vaping. Even if you’re discreet about your vaping habits, children are perceptive and might have questions. Use these inquiries as an opportunity to educate them about vaping, emphasizing that it’s strictly for adults.

Explain, in terms they can understand, that the e-liquids contain substances that are harmful to them.

Make it clear that they should never touch, taste, or play with vaping equipment they might find, and establish a protocol for them to tell an adult immediately if they do. This education can extend to recognizing the signs of nicotine poisoning and what to do if they suspect someone has ingested e-liquid.

Prioritize Indoor Air Quality

While the long-term health implications of second-hand vapor exposure are still under study, it’s wise to err on the side of caution. If you vape indoors, ensure the room is well-ventilated. Open windows, and use air purifiers, or exhaust fans to maintain air quality.

Consider creating a specific area in your home for vaping, equipped with appropriate ventilation features, where children are not allowed.

This segregation helps prevent any inadvertent exposure to the vapor and reaffirms the message that vaping is an adult-only activity.

Stay Abreast of Safety Regulations and Recommendations

The world of vaping is dynamic, with new studies, products, and regulations continually emerging. For the safety of everyone, especially kids, stay informed about the latest safety guidelines.

Subscribe to updates from health organizations, follow reputable vaping forums, and engage with local communities of vapers.

Being knowledgeable isn’t just about keeping your practice safe; it’s also about being a credible source of information for your kids if they have questions or if the topic comes up in conversation.

Additionally, staying informed helps you make the best choices about products, such as opting for e-liquids with lower nicotine levels, which are safer in households with children.


Vaping around kids necessitates an extra level of caution. From secure storage to education, responsible use, maintaining air quality, and staying informed, each step is crucial in safeguarding both your enjoyment and your child’s safety.

By instilling these practices, you’re not just protecting children today, but you’re also teaching them responsible behavior for the future.

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