The teacher-student relationship is among the most important in a student’s life. It can be a deciding factor in whether a student feels successful and happy in school or not. A trusting relationship between teacher and student is based on mutual respect and open communication. When trust is absent, the relationship quickly becomes strained and difficult.

Ways to Build Trust With Students

There are many things that teachers can do to build trust with their students. One of the most important is to be consistent.

Be Consistent

If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you tell students you’ll be available at a certain time, be available then. Breaking promises, no matter how small erodes trust.

Equally important is being consistent in your expectations and consequences. If students know what to expect from you, they’re more likely.

This means being fair in your expectations and treatment of students and following through on your promises.


Another important way to build trust is to listen to your students. This includes really hearing what they are saying and taking their concerns seriously. When students feel like they are being heard, they are more likely to trust you.

Encourage Risk-Taking

A third way to build up trust is to encourage risk-taking. This means creating an environment where it is safe for students to make mistakes and try new things. Students need to feel like they can trust you to not be judgmental or punitive when they make mistakes. When students feel safe taking risks, they are more likely to trust you and open up to you.

Trust Building Games

Games are a great way to help build trust between a teacher and a student. Trust-building games provide an opportunity for students to take risks and learn new things in a safe and supportive environment. Games can also help to break down barriers and create a sense of community in the classroom.

Be Open Yourself

It’s important for teachers to be open to themselves. This means being vulnerable and sharing your own experiences with students. When you’re open with your students, they’re more likely to be open with you.

Be Honest

It is also important for teachers to be open and honest. This builds trust by letting students know that you are transparent and have nothing to hide. When students feel that the teacher is telling the truth, they are more likely to share their honest thoughts and feelings.

Respect Confidentiality

If students share something with you in confidence, it is important to respect their privacy. This will show them that you can be trusted with sensitive information.

Create a Safe Environment

Finally, it is essential that teachers create a safe environment for their students, both physically and emotionally. This means being available to help them if they need it and creating an atmosphere of respect in the classroom.

When teachers take the time to build trust with their students, it creates a positive and productive learning environment for everyone involved.

Last Words

The importance of trust between teacher and student cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of a positive and productive relationship. Building trust with your students is essential to having a successful and positive classroom. By being consistent, listening, encouraging risk-taking, and being open to yourself, you can build trust and create a strong teacher-student relationship.

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