With the ongoing global crisis, the education system turns to alternative solutions. One being employed is online tutoring or teaching. It may be a radical change, especially in teaching children, and that is why the tips and techniques below can help an educator like you.

What to Expect

Teaching children inside the classroom is challenging. How much more when it is done online? Your presence is limited to the four sides of the screen, and your command is at the mercy of the speaker’s volume. It is important to expect that a lot of things can only be dealt with digitally.

Short Attention Span

With the kids’ view of your class limited to a few inches of the screen monitor, there is no doubt that they can get bored very quickly. Kids love the interaction, and the online class using traditional teaching hinders that.


Since the mode of learning is online, kids who have early exposure to the usage of technological devices can easily open a tab for a “quick” glance on a YouTube video. Worse, they can resort to online games to kill time, and your yelling can’t do any convincing.

Burst Of Emotions

As you teach your lessons, kids can be hysterical, and you might have a hard time encouraging them to contain those feelings or react accordingly. They’re at home, and they will behave that way.

Unexpected Happenings

Since interaction is limited, your young students will get the same pace as your teaching. You might be surprised that some have a hard time coping up or others get too bored because they’re so advanced.

Unforgettable Moments

Because the kids are at home, they’ll feel comfortable and adorable incidents can happen for anyone online to see. This may put a break on your teaching pace, but it is a good one.

Tips And Techniques On Online Tutoring

Preparation and Improvisation

It is already obvious that preparation is necessary for every educator. However, it takes a passionate teacher to consider other challenges on online teachings, such as reinforcement of lessons, collection of activities, and internet connectivity issues.

Therefore, be a forward-thinker and make plans to counter any possible unfavourable situation. Prepare for emergency incidents to keep the learning flow smoothly.

Positivity, Games, Reward System

Being in an online class is like teaching kids in their classrooms. Everyone can be comfortable and unwanted behaviour can be readily displayed and difficult to contain.

You have to promote positivity to your teaching style as much as possible. You can engage them in different games and incorporate a reward system to focus on the class.

Parents’ Involvement

It is hard not to be around to assist the kids’ absorption of the lessons being taught. On that note, you have to encourage the parents to help their kids accordingly and act as secondary teachers in their homes, similar to you being the second parent to them.


Online teaching is challenging, but soon, the challenges can be addressed with a better educational system. As of now, it is still in the experimental stage, and all you can do is to cooperate with the faculties and skillset that you have.

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