In today’s time, children have become more adept to technology than ever! They have started using all forms of technology at a very young age. While learning new technologies can be justified as an integral part of their learning system, it comes with a dark side as well.

By creating their online identity, children often forget their real self and seek to discover new ways to get attention digitally. When misused, these same sites can become the reason for grave identity crisis and issues such as fear, humiliation, and isolation from the real world. Cyberbullying could also happen and exists in many forms –

Cyber-Stalking – sending our hurtful content over social media

Denigration – Posting derogatory content on one’s profile in an effort to defame them in real life

Flaming – using offensive language to verbally harass someone online

Impersonation – creating a fake profile of a person in an effort to defame them.

Outing – sharing a shameful personal fact about someone without their consent

Sexual Exploitation – sharing shameful sexual material to offend or harass someone.

Cyberbullying is a serious criminal offence. There have been cases of cyberbullying reported in adults which have led to serious consequences such as depression and even attempts of suicide.

The internet is not a place to spread misinformation or harass someone. One can face serious consequence if found practising such activities. Students should be made aware of the laws and punishments regarding cyberbullying and should follow parental guidelines wherever possible to stay in the safe zone.

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