Bullying is a repetitive pattern of negative and aggressive behaviour that has a negative intent which is then directed to a person from another person, thus resulting in a power imbalance. It is a hurtful and wrong activity that can often lead to severe consequences.

While there is always a power struggle that is visible among kids, bullying is done with the intent of causing harm to the other person. It falls into 2 classes –

Direct Bullying – One where the harm is caused verbally or physically directly to the person being bullied.

Indirect Bullying – It is an indirect form of harassment which includes spreading misinformation or teasing a person to an extent that it disturbs them mentally.

Many parents often ignore this kind of activities by regarding them as part of a childhood phase of one kid. However, bullying is a grave threat and can have huge repercussions on the youth’s mindset and future.

Effects of Bullying

Bullying can have life-long consequences and leave children with emotional and physical scars that can destroy their future. Studies have shown that, more than often, the children who were bullied at their young age went on to bully their workmates and even spouses in the future.

Children who were known to practice bullying assert their power in a form of aggression. This can be observed on the school premises and is often observed later on in life in forms of dating violence, sexual harassment, and child, elder, and marital abuse.

What Should a Parent Do?

Parents need to understand such patterns in their children’s lives and discourage them from joining either side of the bullying community. It is only with proper communication and correct guidance that one can save the future of their children.

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