The role of a bystander or a passerby is very crucial in a situation when someone is bullying someone. The people who bully crave for attention and will deem themselves as successful if they get a decent crowd of bystanders who do nothing but enjoy the show.

Taking a stand in a situation where someone is being bullied is an act of courage while joining the perpetrators in action is a form of extreme cowardice. A bully might no longer crave for attention if there is no crowd to cheer for him.

However, doing such a courageous thing is no easy task. Here is what the students think will happen, in the case they stand up to someone who is bullying someone –

  • They will get bullied as well.
  • The bullying will get more violent.
  • The bully is unstoppable.
  • Nobody will listen to their voice.
  • They will get in trouble for trying to stop such a thing.

While it is true that bullying might not just stop by you standing up against them, it is more than likely to deter the confidence of the bully, thus gradually reducing their courage to continue with such activities.

The next best thing you can do is take the help of an adult when you notice that the situation is getting out of your hands. Make sure you record down the event and narrate them to the concerned authority whenever possible.

One who does not say against any crime is himself a criminal. If you refuse to take any action when someone is getting hurt, you can always seek the help of authorities. So, gather some courage and step up to do the right thing.

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