Bullying can never be resolved without a stern action against the perpetrator and apprising the authorities of the activities in their premises. When left unattended, these issues can take an ugly turn and even cause serious injuries to your young one.

Your child might not feel comfortable discussing such an issue with you. Talk to a close friend of theirs or the school authorities in case you suspect any bullying incident going on with your child. A well-talked plan is a correct way forward to solve the crisis at hand.

A school administrator might help you get a different perspective on the issue. They can talk to the parties involved and resolve the matter with calmness as well.

What to Avoid in Such Cases?

A parent should never encourage one to fight back or let these incidences go unattended in any case. This will only lead to the problem escalating.

Listen to your child well, and form a definitive case before approaching higher authorities. Work with them to increase their self-awareness skills and talk them out of the situation calmly. Show support to your child and the issue will be resolved peacefully.

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