Hello there! Are you passionate about keeping children safe in school? Are you completely against bullying and more inclined to implement proper discipline? Then, you can help us further promote our cause with your guest articles. So, write for us and become one of our contributors.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for individuals with fruitful experiences in handling troubled kids in a non-violent manner. In addition, if you have related work experiences like being a guidance counselor, principal, or social welfare employee, it will be a great advantage.


  • Articles can have an average of 2,000 words.
  • We are in full control of the reviews and edits.
  • You can write at your own pace.

How to Apply

  • Be familiar with our content.
  • Send a concise cover letter to our email address (provided in the link below) with explanations of the topics you prefer to write.
  • Submit 2 sample articles.

Make sure that your articles are:

  • Simplifying complex concepts
  • Using clear language
  • Written in a friendly yet interesting tone

Wait for feedback after a week.