Our children are our future, and it is up to the community to ensure that these children are kept safe in all kinds of environment. It is only with the collective effort of the community that these children can have a safe and compassionate upbringing.

The Canadian Safe School Network is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization that has vowed to reduce the increasing violence among youth to make the schools and local communities a safer place for everyone.

Started decades ago by a committee of representatives from law enforcement, education, and business background, the Canadian Safe School network has grown to provide guidelines and services to more than 5000 schools across the country.

Even with our expansion, our mission and vision have remained the same. Today, we are conducting more than 10 workshops to raise awareness among schools and local communities on a daily basis.

Tutoring Young Children Online

Best Tips And Techniques On Tutoring Young Children Online

With the ongoing global crisis, the education system turns to alternative solutions. One being employed is online tutoring or teaching. If you love reading blogs like this blog, It may be a radical change especially on teaching children and that is why the tips and techniques below can be a great help for an educator like you. What To Expect Teaching children inside the classroom is tough. How much more when it is done online? Your presence is limited to the four sides of the screen and your command is ...
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School Camping Ideas for Kids

Great School Camping Ideas for Kids

Camping with family and close friends is one of the exciting ways to spend your holidays. From exploring the wilderness, putting up tents, and making bonfire one thing you may also  need is , grade calculator for test prep– sure there are various schemes to make it memorable for anybody. In this article, we will help you expand your activities and help your kids to stay in the camping loop through games. Check out some fun activities below: Camp Hunt This is the camping version of Easter Egg Hunt. Parents ...
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Own School Spirit Shirts

Four Easy Steps in Making Your Own School Spirit Shirts

School spirit shirts are totally cool t shirt printing you can done for any occasion, whether they are at school or even in your community. These custom T-shirts will give everyone a sense of appreciation on you taking pride in your school. These school spirit shirts are most commonly worn during sporting events, school events, and even a simple hangout with your classmates. Why have spirit shirts in school? There are many benefits in having your own school spirit shirts. One, you can show everyone which school you are from ...
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