School spirit shirts are totally cool t shirt printing you can done for any occasion, whether they are at school or even in your community. These custom T-shirts will give everyone a sense of appreciation on you taking pride in your school. These school spirit shirts are most commonly worn during sporting events, school events, and even a simple hangout with your classmates.

Why have spirit shirts in school?

There are many benefits in having your own school spirit shirts. One, you can show everyone which school you are from. However, take caution because you are “literally” wearing your school and represent them by your words and actions. School spirit shirts are also the most common merchandise for scholastic fundraising projects. You can sell them to those attending homecoming events, family days, or any school days where school spirit shirts are more preferably worn. There are many more benefits in making your own school spirit shirts but it is for you to discover once you have made one.

How to make one for your school?

Here are four basic steps to start making your own school spirit shirts.

Start with a shirt style – you really have a lot of shirt styles to choose from. Not only that, you can have sweaters, hoodies, and even blazers imprinted with your school name and logo or a custom art that represents your school, your batch, or even your own section. There are many online custom shirt printing service that you can take advantage in order to start choosing your shirt style and many more.

Come up with a school spirit shirt idea – you will need to ask a lot of questions to come up with the idea. What is the use of these customized tee shirts? Who will wear them? Where do we wear them? Brainstorming the idea can be challenging but, when you know its use and purpose, you can now start coming up with a design to be printed on the shirt.

Start making your design – this is the easy part when you have Photoshop or design making and editing skills. You need to be creative on this part in order to come up with a unique design for your spirit shirt. Plus, this should represent your school, your class, or anything you want to represent when wearing the shirt.

Have them printed – this is the last part. This is also the longest part if you are printing the shirt for more than fifty people. If you have started choosing the shirt style on some online custom printing company, you know where to go to order the shirts and printing them up. Otherwise, you can still search for them online or head on to your nearest shirt printing store to have your shirts ordered and printed with your own design.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own custom school spirit shirts is really fun. However, the best part of having your own school spirit shirt is the pride it gives to its wearers. The fact that you are proud of being enrolled in a prestigious institution through wearing the shirt means you are someone who values the institution a lot in giving you the education you need to prepare you for the future. Being less serious, having these shirts are also cool especially when you and your friends wear the same shirt wherever you plan to hang out or chill. This will also make your look catchier to those who see them. So, have fun making those school spirit shirts!

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